Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fresh/Soph party

So the Sophs threw us Freshs a nice party Sunday, very welcoming, with hamburgers, games, and advice. But the moral of this story is don't chew or bite styrofoam, especially if someone is about to make you laugh. Being slightly bored I resorted to the cup in my hand and proceded to bite off a piece. At this precise moment something struck me as funny and the styrofoam was then clinging to the back of my esophagus, going neither up nor down. Thankfully after a few coughs, and a brief life flashed before my eyes, it was dislodged.

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The R said...

I just want to know if anybody had to perform the heimlich maneuver. Or, did you give everyone a "how to do it yourself" demo from the nursing school days?