Sunday, December 2, 2007


So...I went SLEDDING. On real snow, the powdery, completely frozen kind, that sticks to everything, and I loved it!! Sorry no pictures, maybe tomorrow, cause I just might have to go again. Here's how it goes: you take off walking in snow that covers your shoes, and hope you're socks are thick enough. Oh I forgot to mention, you're carrying a sled and following somebody that knows what they're doing: thank you Samuel. So you climb the hill at the same time trying not to slide down it on this frozen stuff. Then when you get to the top and look down, not too intimidadint right? you sit down, and the next thing you know the sled is moving of its own volition, so you just hang on for the ride. The big bump in the middle of the path adds a whole new element and tests your will power to stay on the sled. The curve tests your ability to, I don't know, pay attention. The road tests your ability to STOP. I'd have to say the best stop was by my friend Catherine who rolled over three times and I went flying on top of her :) Ah, too much fun, and then to hot chocolate.