Thursday, January 31, 2008

As I stood chatting on the phone this morning, Nate W. walks by the office, points his finger and says, "You better be enjoying this!" Moscow hasn't seen this much snow in 20 years, is what I keep hearing. A couple hours later Pastor W. follows suit by popping his head in to say, "It's not usually like this." I'm beginning to think that I bring inclimate weather conditions wither I go. OR was hotter than usual last summer when I came to visit, ID has the craziest winter when I come to stay. Maybe it runs in the family with Dad's rep. for bringing rain to camping trips, or, as Mom likes to tell of, when they moved to IL and then to T-town, both having blizzardous winters. Although I was looking forward to ending this week with a bang by aceing another Lordship quiz, I am kinda hoping school's closed tomorrow as well, so we can all have a sledding day instead!

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