Sunday, February 24, 2008


Wanting to remain asleep I
Kick off sheets and keep myself from dreams.
Coffee press on counter holds my high.
Joe’s aroma mingles piping steam,
Taking flight to kiss my nosebuds,
Helps remind me angels exist.
Hotness hits my fingertips and floods
Warmth around my tongue. I can’t resist
Licking foam atop the cup as bubbles
Pop. Like sea foam clings to rocks
After storms are calmed and waves double.
Sloshes lips and sends an unhappy shock.
In the instant taste returns I feed.
Verdict: strong, robust, embodied.

1 comment:

The R said...

I LOVE it! The tastebuds are now longing for a cappuccino (at 8:30pm). Mmmmmmmmmm. Could you illustrate this and let me hang it in my coffee-themed kitchen for decor? I'm sure it will be a valuable piece someday. I see great poetry in your future.