Friday, November 28, 2008

What a pretty sound

I like the rain. It's a lot of cliches like "constant" and "soothing," but I find it friendly on days such as this when I do not have to work and the day is mine in which to do nothing. I find it very important to do nothing sometimes, and nothing must be done. It is an accomplishment when done properly. I also enjoy run-on sentences. I enjoy choice words, and get irritated when I know there is a word that I would like to choose that describes what I feel so perfectly, but it got trapped in a crevice of the ol' brain and the file was lost that contained it, so all that comes out are more over-used, cliche words like "pretty" and "perfect" and "nice" and "cute." I want to say so much more about the flips my stomach is doing because everybody "gets butterflies" and everyone is "thankful." I guess feeling it is the most important part though, which is my comfort, because if we couldn't feel we might as well not breath either.


The R said...

I think you are probably the most "awesome" writer I know. Write more so I can read more. Better yet...move to Oregon and you'll have lots of those rainy days.

A said...

I hate when that happens. You know there is that perfect word which describes whatever it is you are trying to explain at that moment, and that is when it happens; it disappears. At any other time if the word was needed it would be readily available except that time when you actually need it. Dang words!