Thursday, December 4, 2008

Am I smart? wise? why would that matter?

Nobody cares how smart you are. What matters in this age of industry, and the pursuit of the "American Dream," is money. (Unless you are cunning enough to be the next Bill Gates, and then u can have both.) What job do you have? How much money do you make? Houses, cars, items. That is where our value is placed. This land was founded on good American boys slitting each others throats for the best spot of land. This is the American Dream, and this is what we are still accomplishing today. We are not taught to accept with contentment what we have, we are taught to conquer what we do not. Conquering and subduing the earth is our blessing and duty, but there is a limit. We have put a price where there does not need to be one. We are not taught to love learning, reading, eloquence, writing, thinking. We are taught that whatever makes the most money must be the most important, best option. This is facetious.
I am currently working to make money. I am very thankful for my job and I wouldn't have it any other way for the time being. But to do what I'm talented at or what I love to do, pursue writing, read, talk, cook, I would not make any money. I am not able to fully utilize myself and yet, I feel I am learning many things.
Back to my rant on the American pecuniary attitude. Wisdom is not revered. The elderly are not revered. We go to shrinks, instead, in hopes of oracles. We have left Wisdom in the bedchamber to seek other pleasantries. But as Christians, we should not let ourselves forget the importance of loving Wisdom, we should not stray from her beauty. Our goal is to seek her out. We must find her. Solomon found her.

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