Thursday, December 4, 2008


Trains are our connection to the old world. As I rolled down the road on my way to work, I glanced over my left shoulder to spot what looked like an old red caboose, but it was the little trainworkers' hut by the tracks. The antiquated, rusting, scarred-from-much-use trains that we see daily make an odd fit in such a modern world. I rue the day these become relics of the past. But they will, just like Reagan, and sun dials, and mailmen. I am all for progress, don't get me wrong, but some things should take time. A handwritten letter is more memorable, yet rare. I say all this as I look down at my notebook filled with paper, saying, "Why would I waste a sheet of paper when I can write through my fingertips?" Paper, paper, paper.
Good things take time. Otherwise we end up with toys that break because you actually played with them, or products that come in the guise of food but no flavor. Our sin is forgetfulness and our excuse is time. Makes me glad that God is outside of time and doesn't forget us. He still makes the sun shine every morning, He still gives us grace for our lives, and makes the rain water our crops, He still lets us have jobs, etc. I do believe progression is supposed to fit into this enjoyment of ours, but it's our attitude that doesn't fit. The internet is another fun tool that we have. Shoot, makes it possible for me to write randon stuff in one location and several people read it at the same time, blows my mind.

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