Thursday, March 19, 2009

On men (a miserly portion of the great scheme)

God initiated the covenant with man. He spoke to us, we did not ask to make a covenant with God. He came down from Heaven and was made Man. As we know, this is not an easy task living as man and with man. We have our nasty habits, things we'd rather not mention, zits that pop up from nowhere, and yet we are loved in spite of this. Unconditionally. We can talk this point to death as we call ourselves sober Calvinists, but it's something that must be felt and acted upon daily. Not only are we loved, but we are able to resemble this kind of love. There is a power that goes along with this kind of love. Even Calvin felt this.
There are many who bear the name of love but do not bear the face of love. Like little Antichrists running around, there are many men acting as Christ being head of their marriages and households. But these relationships went wrong from the beginning, making covenants they never intended to keep. They jump the wall because it's too difficult to pass through the gate. They have not sacrificed themselves for their bride, thinking she should come easier than that. They don't want to change the world through their sacrifice they want the world to change for them. There is no security in this and love is given very selfishly.
Christ made a covenant with His Church through the sacrifice of Himself. This was through grotesque suffering to the point of death. Even when this act was finished, even after He breathed "It is finished." He is not finished. He who has started a good work will be faithful to complete it. He suffers long and endures much. His love knows no bounds. The Son of God was not above sacrificing Himself for a whore. This is the Bride He chose, relentlessly fought for, and loves. We are finite and so not able to understand the depth of Christ's love. All we can do as mirrors of Him is bear this resemblance of love.