Saturday, August 22, 2009


The CIA is under investigation for using "harsh interrogation methods." They are accused of simulating drowning, approaching a prisoner with a power drill, and firing a gunshot in the next room; but apparently threatening a prisoner with death violates US laws.
This seems to have been desperate measures taken in regards to Al Qaeda and the the man responsible for the attack on US destroyer Cole. Aside from dunking these men in water, intimidation methods were used, and in this report nothing else touched them. I get my info from the Los Angeles Times.
A federal judge has ordered the report containing the mentioned above to be made public in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. Sounds like the teacher saw you passing notes, Mr. President, and will now take it and read it before the class. Makes it kinda hard to have any secrets 'round here, and even harder to try to get one out of a terrorist.
A criminal investigation could present political problems for Pres. Obama. (aw, sad:)
The article displayed right above this states that the Taliban are going around cutting people's fingers off for having the gall to vote for their country.
Apparently caning is a common form of punishment in Malaysia, especially if you are an illegal alien. Beware the Islamic laws such as being in proximity to someone who is not your spouse, snacking during Ramadan, or drinking alcohol. One woman was sentenced to caning for drinking some beer. This all sounds a bit ridiculous to me, but what's new? They just call is news to try to catch your attention. Ok...and now we go to Jane with the traffic report.

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