Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the prowl, so they say...

I woke up this morning determined to dress up, put that make-up on, and apply for four or five jobs before noon. First was a vet, looked laid-back and hairy enough. The second was United Recovery Systems. Sounded medical to me, so I went to apply for receptionist.
Since reception was filled with a young gal and a sweet voice, she asked if I wanted to apply for the collections position instead.
Sure, I can call a few insurance companies and people about their medical bills. So I filled out the paperwork, then she handed me a test to do that was timed for 12 minutes with questions such as: "If all doctors are licensed. Laura is a doctor. Laura is licensed. Is this statement true?" It also had number sequences, math problems, and other unmentionable randomness. So with the twelve minutes up and only half of the test done, the sweet-voiced chick sits me in front of a computer that asks 150 MORE questions. I guess this computer supposed to evaluate my morality, competitiveness, and personality.
I felt like I was asking to be a cop or something, or maybe I'll just start handing it out to people before allowing them to be my friends. Apparently I'm not competitive, with a 0.3%. So I had a nice Inquisition with a fellow who looked like Jeff Baiza with curly hair and a beard. With application and test results at his finger tips he asked me questions like: "Do you think dishonesty is a part of human nature."
"A part of your nature."
"Just everybody else's." He said with a smile.
"As a Christian, I am of the belief that human nature must be overcome, I have worked to do this, therefore dishonesty is not a part of my nature."
He asked me what I would say to people on the phone, he seemed to like my response, but still hesitant about hiring someone who's goal was customer service instead of swimming in a shark tank. So after having an interview for collector and a rather jolly chat. We went our separate ways. I guess we all know where ass-u-ming gets you ;) And that was my morning.

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