Wednesday, September 9, 2009

About Meself

I am not an avid runner, though I wish at times I was. I do not paint, draw, or play an instrument. I do not watch TV, but that's the way I like it-- just Netflix. I am not an avid anything really. There's a lot that I enjoy doing, things I've never really tried doing, and things I wish I could do, like dance, sing, mountain climb, live in a foreign country, to name a few. There's a lot that I enjoy, but nothing I can say that I've done to proficiency. I tend to express myself in negatives, which probably sounds demeaning, so I should find another way of doing it.

I like to cook, and in this I can be creative. I am limited though by the unwavering simplicity that is called selection around these here parts. Maybe I should go back and find that Filipino-Indian whatever it was store on 51st St. I like to write, as you see, and have thoughts in my head that I wish to turn into books. It makes me feel good to buy a new shirt, especially when Drew says, "That's a fun shirt." I found a bright turquoise one at TJ Maxx for $3, made my day. I like to read with the intention that it will help me be a better writer one day. I have fun doing hair, make-up, and the like, and want my talent in that to increase as well. I am thrilled at the prospect of starting a business. I would love to live in another country, learn their language and culture. My first choice was Paris, France. You know, follow in the footsteps of Sabrina, but I could just about settle for anywhere. I hear Albania's nice this time of year, or was it Prague?

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