Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

The German idea of public schools was implemented in America, thanks to Thomas Jefferson. "Jefferson believed that education should be under the control of the government, free from religious biases, and available to all people irrespective of their status in society." This quote comes from an article entitled "A History of Public Education in the United States" by Deeptha Thattai
This next quote makes me cringe. "The common-school reformers argued for the case on the belief that common schooling could create good citizens, unite society and prevent crime and poverty." Instead the issues public schools face today are crime and poverty. This is when the conspiracy part comes in: public schools were instituted to convert the masses. Shifting them from one class to another, conditioning them to this shuffling about with no direction except for the one the government gives them. Thus giving them a do-as-your-told attitude. They were not taught to think for themselves but rather to rely on their superiors.
"Dick, d'you ever wonder what's outside those walls?"
"Say now, that's dangerous thinking, Paul, you best stick to your work." (Family Guy S.1, V.1, Ep. 1)

A result from being taught to respond at a base level is to obey the basest instincts, and sexual problems ensue. As we all know, this is a problem enough without encouragement, blatantly seen in high schools everywhere. We are also encouraged to promote and love homosexuality. But how can we love what God hates? This issue was heavily imposed upon the nation via Hollywood. Every movie had to have "the gay friend," a lot of new ones still do.

Now that the masses are primed, used to believing what they are told, and ready to do what they are told, the fun begins. The government starts promoting its own propaganda and backing it with millions, if not billions, of the people's money with ideas such as Global Warming and Carbon Footprints, and that we are murdering this planet and it will die before those on it do. Instead of the Biblical idea that Jesus will comes back and end the earth. The government even backs its own made-up science, if it can be called a science, of evolution, promoting this whole-heartily with the hope that it will diminish Christianity. Now we are being told how bad oil/gas is, we are discouraged to buy gas by high prices, yet encouraged to rack up carbon credits through our airline credit cards. And so, we stay home and work instead of taking the family on a trip and revert back to letting the govm't run our lives. We watch food prices shoot up and are made to believe that any household cannot function without a dual income. We feel ourselves oppressed to the point that we believe that selling our Nation's soul to China is a good thing.
There are several other examples of this such as the over-population idea, followed by more abortion clinics opening. We have as a nation gotten to the point where we look to the government for the answers, if we are willing they are more than ready to say, "Yes, I have the answers, listen to me."

This tunnel-vision beginning with Socialistic thought has come full circle and we have elected a Socialistic president who is now trying to implement this "do as you're told" idea into our health care. And since people are used to choosing their own health care, he will use punishments such as heavy fines for not having health care. Coming from a background of "self-pay" this idea is monstrous. Today president Obama gave his U.N. address with a summary of how he wants to get out of a war that has been going on for the past 8 years and focus on more important things like global warming.

Conclusion: Brainwashing this country began with the public school system. A Socialistic idea I believe we got from Socialist Germany. The government utilized this to promote propaganda such as evolution, global warming, carbon footprints, and dissuading free thought. Now we are discouraged form purchasing oil and thus gas prices skyrocket, discouraging Americas from venturing too far from home. Thus making us less and less in control of our country and more subservient. We allow ourselves to be told what to believe, instead of telling others what we believe. We laugh at the Catholics for believing everything the Church tells them, but we don't even acknowledge when we do it ourselves.

More to out...

P.S. This is what I believe, I hope to read more on the various topics mentioned above and be better able to back them.

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