Monday, October 26, 2009

a Halloween Note

Through our culture we are so desensitized by movies, radio, tv, video games, ads, mags, the list roles on. All can be crammed into the little word "media." I can't think of another such simple word packing a bigger punch, and everyday we are hit with it. Whether we like it or not. I remember the day when curse words and other such language was prohibited from radio, and I remember when that law was revoked, and that was only the beginning. Watching people have sex on screen is no longer something we're surprised at; seeing someone's head get bashed in by a man wielding a baseball bat is actually becoming quite popular. Need I go on. We no longer cringe. We've come to accept on-screen horrors and filth and even embrace it. Marriages fall apart before our eyes, rape, murder, deceit, anything to get what you want is all what I have come to expect out of TV. Anything is now open for topic on Dr. Phil, thanks to the pioneer Jerry Springer and the upcoming "Gossip Girl." (P.S. The latest 'Gossip' has teens having a threesome, with the message that "sexperimentation" is just something you do in college, broaden your horizons.) Like encouragement is really needed. Teen magazines talk about sex. And this is probably the only training some teens get (and then off to prom with ya).

Our great nation of America is pushing the limits of mental numbness, and all too well proving this at Halloween. The monstrosities enacted on screen are unspeakable. The yard decorations are becoming more and more unsightly that actual suicides have been mistaken for "yard decor." This is no joke, more cops are sent out to patrol this night, because people feel the need to accept their "dark side," let the evil in them flow, and they even get to wear a mask while doing it.
As a Christian I do not see the need to cover the children's eyes and act like there is no holiday happening. But use caution. Dress up, laugh at each other, laugh at the demons walking by thinking they're so scary, have fun, eat candy, I'm done ranting.

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