Monday, October 5, 2009

In today's news: Mom may not want to read this one

A 68 year old New Hampshire woman was sentenced to 35 years in prison for not paying taxes to what she believes to be a corrupt government. Roman Polanski was indicted on six felony counts, including rape by use of drugs, child molesting, sodomy, and then evading the country, yet only served a 42 DAY sentence. Why is this? Well, for starters, one is anti-American government, the other is a Hollywood producer. Forget the charges. Forget that this hard-working mother has no criminal history. Forget that Polanski has a repeated sexual offence history, and listen to the message our Judicial system sends out again. Listen to Hollywood: Corruption is the way of the future, embrace it. Also there is the popular argument that certain Presidents have tried: "That's my personal life."
This 68 y/o woman did not harm anybody and is in the slammer. This corrupt 76 y/o Hollywood producer has abused his position as a Hollywood producer and has left permanent scars on too many memories. Hmm, I'm beginning to side with the New Hampshire woman.

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