Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breathe in-- breathe out

So amid all the bad news given to us by the press and my rantings thereof, let me take this next post onto a happier note. Lifting my head out of the gutter of humanity I get a breath of fresh air and catch a glimpse of the sun. Looking at the world Ecclesiastically-- which is sometimes rather hard to do-- all is "vanity." We are a mite hiding in this speck of a dust we call Earth. Our Maker and Provider swept the house until He found that mite and brought it up into His hand, where I will happily stay. We can smile that we do not make the world go round, nor that we have a say in it. If I were ruling the world, and I sometimes think this the better option, would it be better? Apparently not, because that is not God's plan for His world. I sometimes forget that: "His world," not mine.

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