Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pre-Christmas '09

I love this time of year. Everyone's scurrying around and even being rather genteel when you pass. One couple I saw in Rosauer's today had a frozen turkey sitting up-right in the basket like a child strapped in, may have even had the red belt around its waist.
The sun came out today and it was beautiful. Fat squirrels are running around the yard faster than Bella can catch them, and I'm sitting enjoying my afternoon cup of coffee. Gram Jean and I made cookies this morning and then Drew shared a monster burger with me, so I think I need to be walked before eating the rest of the week. Because I plan on eating the whole week! Starting with Friday then I'll follow it up with a tasty Tuesday and nibble on Sunday. I'm excited for this week. It'll be a good one filled with presents flying through the air, as well as people and food. And as the week rolls into another week so will I, fat and happy with rosy cheeks and curly hair!
I'm making a Croissant breakfast sandwich and hashbrown casserole for b-fast one morning at Jim and Shirlee's, and may share recipes if feeling generous. ;)
I love seeing family and can't wait to play with those kids and possibly take Ruth on a date. The thought galvanizes me, maybe even enough to get my butt upstairs to pack!

Love to all and to all a good night--on Christmas that is!
and May God Bless us every one!

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