Sunday, December 13, 2009

a wintery Sunday night

Well, I haven't written lately, so I thought I'd give a brief synopsis of the happ'nins goin on 'round here. I'm being serenaded at the moment by my husband, the smell of deliciously baked potatoes waft thru the air, the living room where I'm sitting at the moment is considerably cooler than the other living room with the lit fireplace, so I sit with a blanket wrapped around my sweater, leaving just my toes to be cold. It has considerably warmed up this weekend from the 7-15 degrees that it was last week. Now we have snow and 32 degree weather. Yesterday Drew warmed my heart with his patience as he took me shopping. Purchased a coat, jacket, long sleeves and a sweater. So now just need to warm the bottom half, but I'm good to go! and had a lot of fun ;) Today we drove around Moscow for a stint looking at houses checking out possibilities. Tomorrow I plan to go over to Drew's Grandma Jean's house to do some cleaning for her and possibly get some Christmas shopping done, only need a few more things. Now I think we are about to sit down to dinner, so toodle-oo.

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