Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1: Purification Program

Drew and I wanted to cleanse ourselves, been a while since the last shower. That's what they do up here to keep warm. Ok, ok, internal cleanse. Asked Glenn about it, sounded like a kicker, said they didn't want to miss out, and now we're all on the diet of carrot/beet juice protein shakes. The fun part is u can make them different every time; add some berries, o.j., celery, etc. to the SP Complete with Whey and Fiber. Turns out pretty good, and then with this concoction you need to go ahead and take those 7 pills (or put them in the shake) to open up the fat cells and release fat and toxins from your body. Exercise is also a must because it eliminates waste and helps with just about everything: burning fat, sweating... but don't over do it. First 7 days are just this shake and veggie/fruit diet, day 8 we will start eating some proteins and take Green Food. There's a brief overview of the regimen. Now, my body will react different than anyone else's, because I am me and you are not, so don't hold my reactions too close to your heart.

I have been looking forward to this cleanse, so I hopped out of bed when the lark was on the wing and the snail on the thorn, had my shake and pills, and was ready to go. About 11:30 I started to feel unfocused and tired. I probably just needed to eat, but even after lunch I was feeling a bit wasted. At 4:40 I still want to take a nap, also feel bloated, and keep burping those pills. My fingers are trying to ignore my brain right now. I could fall asleep, my stomach feels slightly unsettled, and I just want to curl up in a ball and let it run its course. But I can't let it! Things must be done! I just think of it as my body trying to rid itself of toxins, since that's the case, can't blame it for felling poisoned. And of course I want to eat everything under the sun, chocolate (which would be melted under the sun), soup, cheese, and much more. I plan on these cravings going away in a few days though.

Today was shopping day with Laurel. She was a busy bee: started making shakes for everybody this morning, juiced a whole bunch of carrots, and then we ran around buying up the produce of the town (good thing nobody else wanted any). Costco was the place to go: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, apples, lettuces, celery, you name it, we got it. Mmmm, good stuff, organic, and tasty! We chopped carrots for a snack, Laurel will make cabbage salsa, and lentils are for dinner, probably with a BIG salad.

G&L seem to be just fine and Drew says he's feeling great and has plenty of energy, so that's good. I hope I can get over this icky feeling and enjoy the ride. Toodle-pip.

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