Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 11: "You can add protein today"

Actually we already did. Made blackened fish tacos last night using lettuce as wraps instead of tortillas. Ings. were the fish, cabbage salsa, reg. salsa, cilantro, avocado, homemade vinaigrette, yummy. I'd eat that anytime. We have a good ol' time waking up, deciding what to put into our morning shakes, downing a handful of pills, and discussing how we feel thus far. We freely discuss whether we've had our BM for the day and how we slept. (Doesn't that sound like fun?) We are almost done with our second out of the three week program, and I really don't mind this gig anymore. I feel good after a dinner of vegetables, instead of heavy and blah, asking myself "Why did I eat that?" I feel that I'm doing myself a favor. Not that we can maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, we do not wish that, but it is good to cleanse ourselves and get into the habit of eating more vegetables. I have a new-found respect for the greens, reds, and oranges. For lunch yesterday I made a vegetable marinade, put it on a bed of greens with oranges around that, it was not only delicious but very colorful. God made beautiful things for us to eat and I'm appreciating that more and more, I like that. I also like that I being made to come up with creative veg. dishes, expanding my tastes and thinking. Beets, broccoli, lentil sprouts, I now love sliced carrots for a sweet snack. I had a hankering for ice cream last night so I ate some frozen blueberries and a frozen strawberry slightly thawed, tasted like strawberry ice cream.

I'm pretty much over this cold, probably because Drew decided to try it out for a bit, ugh. Said he really didn't sleep last night. We really are enjoying this pup we got, he's cuddly and spirited, but not a yapper. Took Fenrir and Bella for a walk yesterday, the sun was so inviting. Tried teaching him to like the leash, walks are fun, and to come when called. He's proved himself rather smart and a fast learner. Now time for another walk.

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