Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 16: Almost there

Hard to believe we are almost done with our 21 day program. Drew and I are over our colds and I'm starting to feel great; which is really good because Fen is a stubborn little puppy requiring a lot of attention. Took him out this morning to go the bathroom and it was raining so he ran inside with wet feet, pooped in the front yard, then jumped and scratched at the front to because he wasn't let in. So before leaving this house we will be painting the front door, cleaning the doors as well as floors. Putting him outside didn't work, so I put him in the fence around back where he would just get rained on, so I put him on the gated side of the front porch which just gives him another door to scratch up. So we had to resort to the kennel where he just yapped and whined about his confinement. I'm wondering if this will last all day, like having a kid in some ways, but in others, not at all. Drew doesn't have much work today either so we are reading together and trying to decide what to do in this wet day. I'm ready for a steak and Drew wants a burrito. We are also missing our wine and cheese nights, but just a few more days and we are allowed again.

Last night was my first music/voice lesson. I'm doing it in a group of 8 other ladies with Allie Bradley as our teacher. She's a friend I had at NSA who has been musical her whole life and has been giving lessons for a while. I'm excited about learning, I think we'll all have fun together. I'm trying to think of how I'll practice. :)

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