Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 3 & 4: nausea or... Hmmm

Apparently there is something not agreeing with my system in those Cleanse pills. Was sick all morning again yesterday. Eating out of the cooler worked well for us though, and salads at Subway. Drew's starting to feel tired and drug down. Trying to detoxify ourselves isn't the cake-walk (why is it called that anyway? cakes don't walk) we thought it could be, but it we are only in the first and presumably the hardest week. I want to do this Purification program and let it do its stuff, but I also don't like being nauseated. Guess it's good prep for pregnancy, right, sisters? Woke up this morning with a sore throat and feelings of a head cold, went for a walk 'cause the sun decided to show it's blushing cheeks--it's been a bit shy of late. Also made sure I ate some jalapeƱos in my lunch to, as Dad would say, "cure what ails ya." I think I need to go eat some more. I added some jalapeƱos to the cabbage salsa Laurel made, she took one bite of that and whooped, face pinking up a bit. I'm proud of Drew, he eats whatever I hand him and sometimes will add more heat! That's my boy! Maybe I could cleanse myself through pepper consumption and leave the pills to the more stable. I also wonder how many trillions+ pictures there are of the Grand Canyon.

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