Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Day of the Cleanse!

We have made it to the last day...without too much cheating. Last weekend Drew and I ate Thai, not all included on this diet. The rest of the day I felt weird. I felt like I had eaten boiled sugar to begin with and my body was working hard to process it all. It tasted so sweet to me, although it could very well have been some other ingredients my body wasn't used to. My stomach wasn't upset or rejecting what I had eaten, but I could feel the blood pulsing to different parts of my body trying to use and store that sugar. I have learned you are what you eat. If you eat high fat or high cholesterol foods your body will show the signs of it. But what I found weird was it affected my mood. That was part of the feeling weird, I was in a weird mood. I did not like it and will probably never try that again. So last night going out with a friend I ordered the balsamic chicken salad and it treated me great.

Lesson learned, treat your body better. A Jew at the temple could not just offer any sacrifice, it had to be an an acceptable sacrifice with a pleasing aroma. Also it was not a sacrifice sprayed with MSG, chemicals, and boiled in sugar. And with this temple I do not want to just allow anything to enter it anymore. Drew and I are definitely seeing the need for more veggies and simpler/healthier eating in our daily meals, I hope this metamorphosis lasts. Another of my goals is to have a good foundation for a healthy pregnancy. I do not know when that might be, but I want to be healthy now in: what I eat, the minerals and vitamins that I take, and the exercise I plan on doing more of. All to build up my body, instead of fight for mediocre.

We did have a martini and some wine for Laurel's birthday Friday (menu to come), and wine with dinner last night, but we are proud of ourselves for making it so far and not cheating in any other areas (except for the occasional bite of chocolate the past few days ;)
I feel better!! Better than I did 3 weeks ago and better than I did 3 months ago. I don't feel heavy, tired, bloated, and since I feel better my mood has been better. I feel like my body is running smoothly and loving it! I get a lot of fiber, more protein than I usually eat, and way more vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals and more fiber (so u know what that helps ya do) to name a few benefits. I had a rough start, but I knew it would be worth, so I'm glad we stuck to it.

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