Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 5: Cough, cough

Well today was a fun Friday. Besides being sick that is, got to rest most of the day and Drew got done with work early so we got to hang out AND he made lunch! He was so sweet to stay home and take care of me all day. Good to take care of his wife. Glenn said I shouldn't push the pills until I'm feeling better. Right now I'm feeling better than I have been, so I'm thinking about taking some before bed and sleeping on it. Glenn brought me some white daisies, jalapenos, and ginger, and it was so nice of him. Had the latter in lunch while gazing at daisies and Drew, it was a good day. Still coughing though which is a drag. But I'm getting lots of vits and minerals through all these vegetables as well as some easily digestible whey protein, so I'm sure I'll be feeling great in no time.

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