Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gerald Clayton and Purim

Yesterday Christa Blakey and I decided to check out some of the Jazz Fest that's going on 'round here so we went to a workshop featuring Gerald Clayton with Joe, and Justin. And I'm glad we did. Going in we both admitted our crudeness in the area of jazz, but would both like to understand it better, if not appreciate it. So this gave us a little something to sip on and decide if we want to take a drink. Check out his stats at Apparently I just got a chance to see a famous New York pianist without the palate to appreciate it, although still enjoyed it, and left wanting to know more.

In the evening we (being Glenn, Laurel, Tiffany, Ana, Yasha, Miysha, and of course myself and Drew) got together to celebrate Purim. Tiff and Nolan make merry with some of the Jewish feasts, and I'm glad Tiff was here for this one and wanted to share. We dressed up as ancient Hebrews, as much possible out of our modern American wardrobes, drank wine, ate fish tacos, played musical chairs. Then had hamantaschen (made to look like Haman's hat) while listening to Glenn read the book of Esther. It was a fun night with the family and now I've celebrated Purim!