Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 months... I've gone longer

E has inspired me to revisit my blog. To write about what, I do not know, but the blog has been feeling a bit neglected of late. We have had a past few busy months with moving, camping, running hither and thither with Drew for work, working myself, and blazzey blah. I am enjoying my clients when they call. I am enjoying friends when they call. And I am enjoying talking to my mother everyday when she calls, she is a blessing. I have been reading Wodehouse's The Code of the Woosters lately to Drew. We're at the part where Bertie and Jeeves have entered Stiffy's room to look for the notebook when out pops Bartholemew. And when I get into something a bit deeper then I'll be sure and pass that along, but for now,
One doesn't want to make a song and dance about one's ancient lineage, of course, but after all the Woosters did come over with the Conquerer and were extremely pally with him: and a fat lot of good it is coming over with Conquerers, if you're simply going to wind up by being given the elbow by Aberdeen terriers.
Bertie goes on viewing this thing from all angles (well, as many as can be seen atop a dresser) pitying the highly-strung housemaid:
I can see her coming into the room to turn down the bed. I picture her as a rather fragile girl with big eyes and a timid expression. She crosses the threshold. She approaches the bed. And out leaps this man eating dog. One does not like to dwell upon the sequel.
Both are from chapter 8. Even though I have watched these stories played out there is that certain something that is Wodehouse that cannot be brought to screen, must be read for the self, if ya know what I mean. Well, toodle-pip, for now.


Esther said...

How true, Lyd. He puts things so perfectly and you think, "I've felt that way!" Here is a little something for you.:)
"The good old persp. was bedewing my forehead by this time in a pretty lavish manner. I don't know when I've been so rattled."
Or how-a-bout,
"He was one of those supercilious striplings who give you the impression that you went to the wrong school and that your clothes don't fit."

Matthew Casey Smallwood said...

Summer Lightning - ho,holarious.

Susanna said...

"...If you want to see what was once a first-class Garden of Eden becoming utterly ruined as a desirable residence by the machinations of a Serpent, take a look round this place."..."Mrs. Bingo is having Bingo presented to her as a sort of human boa-constrictor full of unpleasantly jumbled interior organs."