Friday, September 17, 2010

Words from "Emma" that I have never used in conversation but need to:

Éclat: very great success that everyone knows about

Plaintive: expressing sadness or sounding sad

Cavil: a trivial and unreasonable objection

Augur: predict

Commendation: praise of somebody's abilities

Penury: extreme poverty

Appealation: an emotional appeal for forgiveness

Aspersion: slanderous remark

Direful: warning of a future disaster or serious consequences

Dissipations: overindulgence

Connivance: secret joint conspiracy or plotting

Dilatory: tending to waste time or move slowly

Inquietudes: restlessness

Captious: overly critical/entrapping an opponent

Mortification: something that causes a feeling of deep shame and humiliation

Solicitude: concern and consideration shown for somebody or something

Alloy: to debase, impair, or reduce by admixture; adulterate.

Divested: to take away something, especially status or power, from somebody or something

Ostensible: presented as being true, or appearing to be true, but usually hiding a different motive or meaning

Evinced: to show a feeling or a quality clearly

Approbation: a favorable opinion about something or somebody

Sagacity: profound knowledge and understanding, coupled with foresight and good judgment

Vouchsafe: to promise, give, or allow something

Rencontre: a casual or hostile meeting

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