Sunday, February 5, 2012

Envisage: to look in the face of

I feel like God teaches me thorough dreams. Last night He gave me a scenario very real to life. I was out in the working world, under a lady boss, rather a young and pretty black woman, seemingly had everything going for her. But she displayed bitterness, diving tasks for her employees that could never be satisfactorily completed. After time and again trying to please her with doing the work she had asked, I was visiting with Mom before turning in another of this woman's assignments. Mother so sweetly was thinking of the other person as I was thinking of myself and how I was the victim of this woman's tyranny. So I approached the woman, handed her the assigned document, and she looked over it with devious eyes plotting the next inconvenience to my soul. And as she started to speak, I looked over at Mom, who was smiling gently and knowingly back at me, and as I turned back to the woman my face softened. I looked at her for the first time with caring and concern, and simply said, "Is there something bothering you, something I can do for you?" (Or words to that effect.) Being shown a little human tenderness threw her off her guard and she started telling me about her life, and her family, how her sister had just left her husband without any explanation. How her parents were not there for her. She was alone, and no one had seen this before. She had not had a caring ear before, had internalized her problems and became bitter. I too was on the brink of this, confused by her inability to be pleased and angry at her attitude toward me. But thanks to my mother's teaching, a soft answer really does turn away wrath. And another lesson in wisdom displayed.

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