Tuesday, August 27, 2013

v. 19 is circled in my Bible

"The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; By understanding He established the heavens." (Proverbs 3:19) Why, therefore, do you live in fear? As if the Lord's wisdom was insufficient to last to our day. His wisdom is still founding the earth and establishing the heavens. He uses that wisdom without our oversight. Are we then to live in fear and unbelief because we cannot see the end goal? Our minds cannot fathom the heaven he is establishing for us. For us. Keep your faith with the knowledge that His wisdom is stretching beyond us, beyond our children and granchildren. "The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked, but He blesses the home of the just." (v. 33)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Got coins in my pocket and the baby on my hip.

Before now I never realized the security I place in having a vehicle. When I want to go somewhere I hop in the car and go. I think, "I'm out of eggs", or "coffee sounds good" and in just a few minutes I'm there. These past two weeks has shown me what it's like for people who don't have this option. Public transportation makes one uncomfortable. It's so...public. It's not your own, you didn't wash and vacuum it...nor can you wash and vacuum your fellow passangers. Going anywhere takes planning, extra time, and lots of walking. Nor could I carry A, diaper bag, stroller, grocery bags, and a coffee cup. Riding the bus takes a little more patience and a little more love.

Lesson of the Spider

We watched a spider patiently but frantically trying to get out. You see, he was trapped on the inside of the window screen between the glass. If only he knew how he got in then he  could find his way out. But now it is too late and he is trapped. Moral of the story: Don't try to be a part of the "In-crowd." Just be your sweet self, loving and humble, and people will want to be near you. Resist the pressure. Defy it. Instead love. Because if you love you will be patient, you will be kind, you will not seek your own way or be provoked because of your pride. (1 Corinthians 13)
"A heart that is full of love thinks not of itself, but of others. It prays for all living things and for the whole world." (Elder Thaddeus, Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives, 89)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Still life

When looking at a picture of a living person you see the life in it, in them. You may even smile back at them as if they could see you. But when you look into a picture of one no longer living it looks flat and makes you feel flat. And if you attempt a smile it is with the sad recognition that they will not be able to smile back. There is no spark of life any more in their picture~only the spark of their life you still carry with you in your soul.